Pura Vida! Gourmet Chile Pepper Sauce
Famous Original Flavor

(mild, but with a nice kick)

So much more than just a delicious hot sauce!

A flavor phenomenon, fusing the best chile peppers with 15 other choice gourmet ingredients,this versatile sauce is an amazing addition to your kitchen arsenal.

No additives.
No preservatives.
No gluten.
No kidding.

Made from the finest Jalapeno and Habanero chile peppers from Mexico, sweet onions, ripe tomatoes, garlic, organic agave juice, fruit juices, sea salt, vinegar and a proprietary mix of herbs and spices.

An irresistible sauce that kicks up the flavor in everything from hors ‘d’oeuvres to soups to entrees to dessert.

Nothing but fresh, natural ingredients blended with care.

Pure life!


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"Wow! That's delicious!"

"Wow! That's delicious!"

Last week we hosted a tasting demo at one of our favorite stores, Vicente Foods in Brentwood, California. Customers here are savvy, discerning food-loving types who know what they like. So it was nice to hear all the great comments from people who were tasting our sauce for the first...

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