About Pura Vida! Gourmet Chile Pepper Sauce


Pura Vida! Famous Original Recipe

Our restaurant owner customers buy it by the gallon. (Over 1,600 gallons in 2020.) Why? It's mild, but with a really nice kick, and it Works. On. Everything.


Our founder, Jorge Ball, invented this sauce after years of experimenting (he's very particular about hot sauce). For his Famous Original Recipe Jorge blended Jalapeño and Habañero chile peppers from Mexico, sweet onions, ripe tomatoes, garlic, organic agave juice, fruit juices, sea salt, vinegar and his own special mix of herbs and spices. The happy result, immediately coveted by a growing fan base of family, friends, friends of friends and quickly several local restaurants, was an irresistibly versatile sauce that kicks up the flavor in just about every food you can imagine putting it on. Even chocolate pudding. (Really, it's true!)

Pura Vida! Famous Original Recipe is STILL made the same way Jorge made it back in the day -- by hand in small batches, now by our friend Miguel Esquivel at his spotless and very busy facility here in Southern California. 

Why does Pura Vida! stand out from the crowd?

It's the abundant flavor, fusing fragrance with bite, hot and sweet. Many hot sauces just add heat. Pura Vida! Famous Original Recipe adds flavor and just the right kick of heat, enhancing and intensifying the taste of everything it meets. 


What can I use it on?

Um, everything. Really – if it’s worth putting in your mouth it’s going to be elevated by Pura Vida! sauce. It's amazing on fish, chicken, beef, vegetables and salads. Incredible in sauces and spreads. An inspired addition to scrambled eggs, fritattas and omelets. There’s really nowhere you can’t use Pura Vida! Famous Original Recipe – it’s up to you!

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