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"Wow! That's delicious!"

Posted by Suzanne Ford on September 10, 2019


Last week we hosted a tasting demo at one of our favorite stores, Vicente Foods in Brentwood, California. Customers here are savvy, discerning food-loving types who know what they like. So it was nice to hear all the great comments from people who were tasting our sauce for the first time. Here's a sampling:

"Wow! That's delicious!"

"It's so complex! I love the flavor!"

"Surprisingly good ... and it doesn't burn my mouth!"

"What a nice spicy flavor, but not painful! I love it!"

It was great fun to meet new people and introduce another corner of the world to Pura Vida! Gourmet Chile Pepper Sauce. Thanks to Vicente Foods and their fabulous customers!

     delicious!tasting demo

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