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Celebrate a beloved local market

July 27, 2016

This past weekend, we visited Fish King Seafood and Poultry Market in Glendale, California to do a tasting demonstration. Fish King is a beautiful, sparkling clean, friendly and incredibly well-stocked establishment that's been a fixture in the community since 1948.

The best thing about Fish King is the feeling you get when you're there. The banter from behind the long, high fish counter is hilarious. All the staff seem to be comedians, and they revel in joking with their long-time customers. And people run into each other here, catching up as they're waiting for their numbers to be called. The whole atmosphere is lighthearted and fun.

And the fish! It's as fresh and wholesome as you can get anywhere, even including a tank full of live Maine lobsters. But Fish King has more than seafood - their shelves are stocked with all kinds of marinades, sauces (Pura Vida! Gourmet Chile Pepper Sauce among them), breadings, seasonings, kitchen and serving utensils ... hundreds of unique and useful culinary items. Plus a great selection of fine wines.

If you're anywhere near Glendale, California, drop in some time and see for yourself why we love Fish King. It's an honor to be on their shelves!

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