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OK, here's a list: foods that are great with Pura Vida! Famous Original Recipe

August 24, 2016

Pura Vida! Gourmet Chile Pepper sauces are so versatile, sometimes it's fun to make a list. But really, it's only limited by your imagination! Here are just some of the dishes and recipes that are GREAT with Pura Vida, in chronological order starting with breakfast:

1. delicious in a Bloody Mary!

2. scrambled eggs and omelets

3. quiches and frittatas

4. all kinds of classic American sandwiches, especially tuna salad, chicken and turkey salad, roast beef and many more

5. Guacamole!!

6. Salsas and nacho dips

7. Salads and salad dressings - just sprinkle a few drops (or more) in your favorite dressing and watch it wake things up

8. marinade for chicken, fish, beef - anything! Add to olive oil, lemon juice, herbs, white or red wine and let the party begin

9. a dash on fresh vegetables like crispy green beans, or mixed with mayo and herbs for a great faux Hollandaise on fresh asparagus

10. Chocolate pudding! Believe it or not - a dash or two of Famous Original Recipe makes rich chocolate pudding really sing.

You're welcome!

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